Wednesday, August 22, 2018

NEX Group Holds Geocaching Trading Tech 300 Merit Badge Clinic in Chicago's Financial District

NEX Group held a Trading Tech 300 merit badge workshop in the financial district of Chicago. It was led by NEX's Tom Scanlan. The Scouts earned the geocaching merit badge while exploring key locations near the center of the financial district at LaSalle and Jackson.

NEX was helped in the Chicago Board of Trade Building by security officer Jefferson Davis, an enthusiastic supporter of the Scouts.

Trading Tech 300 is a program I created with the help of professionals from the Pathway to Adventure Council of Boy Scouts of America. The merit badge workshops are held in financial related firms around the Chicago's financial district, including firms who have traditionally supported the LaSalle Street Dinner. Today the LaSalle Street Dinner is the LaSalle Trading Tech Awards.

However, this year, a Trading Tech 300 workshop was also held in New York at Nasdaq with the help of head of communications Allan Schoenberg.

Thank you to NEX Group and Tom Scanlan and his associates for supporting Scouting and the Trading Tech 300 program. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

At the Troop 117 meeting on Monday night we discussed the various ways to start a fire. By far the most delicious way was to use an aluminum can and bar of chocolate.